Who: Food & drink reporters, taco aficionados, fine wine fans, and anyone else interested in a one-night only culinary adventure with Crudo and Tacos Chiwas.
What:    The Mediterranean meets Mexico as Crudo hosts Tacos Chiwas for the a one-night only event, Tacos & Riesling, on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 from 7pm to 9pm. Hosted in the bar area, this one-night-only culinary mash-up brings together the combined talents of Crudo's Chef Cullen Campbell and Taco's Chiwas' Armando Hernandez and Nadia Holguin for a funky and fun a la carte feast featuring exotic-yet-delicious twists on the humble taco. Think grilled yellowtail collar topped with aioli, cilantro and fresh lime, or spicy barbacoa beef perked up with mustard seeds and roasted i'itois onion (a traditional Southwestern/Mexican ingredient that dates back to Spanish Colonial times).
Plus, Chef Campbell will also be serving up spicy-food-friendly wine pairings from a globe-spanning collection of fine Riesling wines. Best known as a sweeter wine from Germany, Cullen will showcase the wide variety of Rieslings grown around the world, including bold, dry and balanced varieties that pair perfectly with the gourmet tacos.
Crudo & Taco Chiwas Tacos & Riesling Menu
Carnitas, pig ears, gochujang head cheese- $3
Squash (calabaza), aged cheddar, fish sauce, cilantro, sesame- $3
Barbacoa, roasted iitois, mustard seeds- $3
Potato, avocado, cotija- $3
Yellowtail collar, lime, aioli, cilantro taco plate-$16
Rieslings: Select varieties for $10-$15 a glass, $40+ per bottle
Margarita & Ramona Paloma Specials
When:    Crudo's and Taco Chiwas' one-night-only Tacos & Riesling dinner is on Tuesday, January 9 (7 pm – 9pm)
Where:   Crudo
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