As we wave sayonara to 2017 and look forward to 2018 many of us are looking for ways to live a better year. Lots of resolutions for a “New Year, New Me” are being declared. Many people will focus on their fitness and weight loss as we enter a new year and this year I am focusing on my health, as well. I have never been one to make—let alone maintain—a resolution, but I will say that self-improvement can be an important part of living a better year. I stopped by the Protein House to learn more about how they can fit into my lifestyle!

Eating Healthy Today

Eating healthy is sometimes a  struggle for me. I love food, which you can probably tell from my articles here on Wander With Wonder. As the assistant editor, I get to enjoy—and also read about—some amazing culinary experiences, but sometimes I get busy with life and end up eating junk.

Protein House

This bowl is perfectly named for the New Year. Grilled salmon, brocolli, tomatoes, red pepper, mushroom, asparagus, squash and spinach it is as sexy as it sounds.

Eating well doesn’t need to be a chore! Sometimes I fall off of the eat-right wagon because it can feel tedious, especially when I just want to grab something quick after a long day. Unfortunately, fast food salads are about as filling as… well, they aren’t and they sure don’t taste as good as I wish. Meal planning is an important part of ensuring that a resolution goal is met. But it can get time consuming, and with everything happening in my life sometimes I just want to sit down to eat without preparing anything myself. Counting calories, making sure I am eating the right amount of protein, carbs and fat can be overwhelming.

The Protein House Mission

Protien House has answers for all of this! Their mission is to encourage and support healthy eating by creating a menu that is full of great options and doesn’t skimp on flavor. With a menu designed to provide customers with delicious, filling and healthy options for their busy lives. Everything on the menus is customizable to specific dietary needs.

Vegan? You’re covered! Gluten-free? Got it! Got kids? No worries, Protein House has a kid-friendly menu and you can order anything on the menu in smaller portions, too. They can even ensure that allergens are avoided!

My Favorite Protein House Menu Options

One of my favorite options on the Protein House menu is the Chocolate Monster Pancakes. Whole grain whey protein pancakes infused with dark chocolate chips, topped with banana, walnuts and, believe it or not, sugar free chocolate protein sauce. While decadent and filling, these pancakes are also a great post work-out meal with more than 28 grams of protein. Even my 11-year-old son loved these!

Protein House

These aren't as monstrous on the waist as they look! Packed full of protein these pancakes will change how you look at breakfast forever.

Whether you’re an expert on macronutrients or just starting to count calories their menu also provides these details on everything from the breakfast sandwiches to coffee. Protein House makes it easy to know what you’re fueling your body with!

Meal Prep at Protein House

Protein House also provides an amazing meal prep service. In order to meet your new year, new me goals, the key is consistency. That means skipping the drive-thru and packing with the meal prep service. You can even enjoy perfectly portioned, planned options without going anywhere. Place your order for the week, pick it up and don’t worry about lunch the rest of the week.

There are three Valley Protein House locations and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. For a New Year, start out right by eating not just well, but right! Check out their website for more information about their locations.

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