More and more travelers are choosing to fly via private charter jet rather than conventional commercial air travel. Private charters are easily the most convenient way to get from place to place. There is no need to scramble, hauling your luggage through hectic airport, when you have a more luxurious option to choose from. Also, in recent years prices have gotten more affordable for private air travel. So, it’s no longer far fetched for people who are not on Forbes’ Wealthiest list to fly private. With a little bit of planning, there are a few ways to lower the cost of private charters even more!

1—Book One Way

The easiest way to save money on a private charter flight is to book only a one way itinerary. Private charter services often have to travel to meet clients, and that can leave them with empty leg seats for a portion of the journey. When this happens, flights on charter jets are listed at reduced prices.

The only drawback of flying one-way is that you are limited to the few empty flights which can restrict your schedule. However, if your travel plans are flexible, this can be a great way to save a lot of money while flying like a rock star! You can search here for private jet companies that offer one-way travel!

2—Book Last Minute

While it isn’t always possible to wait until the last minute to make your travel plans, doing so can save you more money than you’d think when it comes to private jet charters. Because most jet companies plan their itineraries around their clients needs, they often remain idle when not in use. Prices can drop when a jet company has no planned trips for the coming days. The best way to see if a company has any last minute deals is to call directly.

3—Join a Membership Company

A lot of private jet companies offer their own membership programs. If you’re a frequent flier, this might save you a lot of money in travel costs. Essentially, members pay a monthly or an annual fee upwards of several grand. In exchange for these membership fees, members can fly for no additional cost as many times as they wish as long as there is an available jet and crew.

4—Travel in a Group

When you book a private charter, you’re renting the entire plane. It doesn’t matter whether you travel alone or with a group of five, the price remains the same. Each charter flight offers a certain number of seats, so it only makes sense that the more seats you fill, the greater value you get. Splitting the cost five ways, for instance, might end up being cheaper than the price of a commercial airline.

5—Fly in a Cheaper Region

Just like with commercial flights, private charters offer some routes that are cheaper than others. It’s self explanatory that longer flights cost more, however, some areas tend to be more affordable in general. Northeastern United States, for example, is considered one of the cheapest regions for private charters. Shop around until you find the best deal for your party and your travel itinerary.

Travel in Style

Charter jets might be intimidating if you aren’t a seasoned luxury traveler, but they’re becoming increasingly accessible to the everyday traveler. Don’t let the fear of cost scare you away from looking into private air travel! These tips will help you keep costs down on your private charter so you can focus on the destination, not the journey.

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