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Starting early October 2017, Pita Jungle will launch their new Seasonal Kitchen Crafts Menu featuring eight new dishes. For this fall menu, the local restaurant group is digging deep in the roots of Levantine cuisine, with ingredients and comfort foods like a rustic Green Bean Beef Stew, a coastal lentil dish featuring Mujaddara, the use of an untamed version of Toum (an unadulterated super potent variation of aioli) and a touch of Beirut street food style delicacies with the all ubiquitous chicken and Toum served on gluten free flat bread.

Here is a quick rundown of the new seasonal dishes:

Avocado Balila – Small or Large

Garbanzo beans, garlic infused evoo and cumin,  avocado, tomato, cucumber, jalapeno, green onion, red onion, fresh herbs, sumac, chili powder, blue corn chips.

Flat Italian Green Bean Stew

Local Arizona grass fed beef, romano green beans, calrose white rice, onion, greek yogurt.

Baked Kibbeh (Lebanese Meatloaf)

All-natural ground turkey, russet potato, onion, basil, quinoa, walnut, golden raisin, beet & greens salad, red onion, tahini-beet dressing.

Levantine Beluga Lentil Risotto and Kohlrabi (Mujaddara)

Beluga lentils, organic brown rice, chopped kohlrabi root, cucumber, tomato, green onion, red onion, jalapeno, fresh mint, sumac, organic apple cider vinaigrette (mother included).

Streets of Beirut Chicken Pita

Grilled all-natural chicken breast, toum (unadulterated Lebanese aioli), parsley-red onion aleppo salad, side greek salad, gluten-free flatbread. Also available with tofu or falafel.

Avocado Beef Asada Shawarma Lavash Pizza

Local Arizona grass fed beef, avocado, wood-fired tomato, bean mash, cheddar, mozzarella, lettuce, green onion, cilantro-avocado crema, cumin yogurt sauce, red chili hot sauce, herbs, green onion, lavash bread (gluten-free pizza crust available +2.49)

Turkey Kafta Burger

Gluten-Free Chocolate Pavé with Vanilla Ice-Cream

The Fall Seasonal Kitchen Crafts Menu will be offered through the end of the year, followed by a new seasonal crafts menu for winter.

Pita Jungle

Pita Jungle Fall Menu offerings

Pita Jungle stands as the go to restaurant for healthful but delicious food with 19 locations throughout Arizona and one location in California. With the mission of helping guests sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, the restaurants serve up a diverse menu of tasty, fresh, wholesome foods, including a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Pita Jungle’s menu is influenced by tastes from around the globe with the benefits of the Mediterranean diet always apparent through the use of healthy lean proteins, veggies, legumes, nuts, grains and fruit. For more information on Pita Jungle, please visit

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