There are many reasons to travel. Some people strive to understand as much as they can about the world, learn about a different culture and subsequently learn something more about themselves, while others just need to get away. A change of scenery is always good for a person’s mental health and will create a more positive, open-minded attitude. Regardless of the reason for your world travels, it is always a good idea to see, learn and be around something new.

The most beautiful vacations include those with a heavy dose of nature: truly the ultimate cure-all. The greatest sights are typically made by nature—found in waterfalls, oceans, mountains, plains, and natural light. If you are looking for an abundance of natural scenery on your next vacation, Norway is the ideal place for you.

Visit Tromso in Norway

Tromso is known as the Gateway to the Arctic. The area is famous for most of the world’s best polar expeditions, although it does have a thriving city life with plenty of music, festivals, and restaurants for both locals and tourists. Tromso also sits as the starting point of the world-famous natural light phenomena, known as the Northern Lights. It is one of the most popular destinations you can see while booking Norway tours designed for those who dream of seeing the Northern Lights in person.


Tromso Norway is the Gateway to the Arctic. Photo courtesy Pixabay

Ride the Flåm Railway in Norway

The small village of Flåm, Norway, is another popular tourist spot that is off the beaten path. Rustic scenery amongst snow-capped peaks, farm life, and an abundance of wildlife and wilderness creates a quiet charm in this tiny mountainside town. Flåm is also home to one of the world’s best railways, which goes all the way up to Myrdal. This train journey can be steep and is well-known for its incredible scenery.


Visit the small village of Flåm, Norway. Photo courtesy Pixabay

Kirkenes Snow Hotel

While not exactly a naturally occurring sight, the Kirkenes Snow Hotel embraces the concept that it is the journey that truly counts. Kirkenes is a small town that is far north and is located on the border between Russia and Norway. In Kirkenes, there is a rich local culture and is home to a gorgeous hotel made primarily from snow and ice. Visitors are able to sleep wrapped in reindeer skins and sleeping bags and can warm up in the sauna every morning.


Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall of Norway

Closely located near Bergen, Norway, the Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall is one of the most visited—and most photographed—in the country. Visitors are able to walk around, and under, this incredible natural beauty. Surrounded by the small town of Kvam, you will find yourself wrapped in the most calming aspects of nature.


Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall

Lofoten Islands in Norway

If visitors to Norway choose to see just one aspect of this naturally beautiful country, the Lofoten Islands should be that one. This series of islands, located in the Arctic Circle, is a widely popular fishing spot, and it provides what is arguably the most spectacular scenery in Norway. These islands are also ideal for those who love to whale or bird watch.


Norway scene.

There are few places more beautiful than Norway. You may be turned away by the stereotype of perpetual snow, but there is plenty of sun, gorgeous mountainous views, and wilderness to quench even the deepest case of wanderlust. From the natural wonder of the Northern Lights to the unique icy hotels, Norway is always worth the trip.

There are many reasons to travel. If you are looking for an abundance of natural scenery on your next vacation, Norway is the ideal place for you.

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