This article was written for Northcentral University. It appeared in Edcor Monthly Newsletter in June 2017.

Today’s leaders must know how to take advantage of new technologies and ideas or remain trapped in stagnation. Trained innovative thinkers bring fresh ideas. In today’s competitive marketplace, where globalization is happening at a dizzying pace, technological innovations can be problematic and intimidating for organizations. That search for qualified leaders to face challenges head-on has led to the rise in Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) degree programs that prepare professionals to become champions of positive change—that show them how to create new ideas, new technologies and new approaches to problem-solving to make a difference.

As Ray Stata points out in the article “Organizational Learning—The Key to Management Innovation,” the Handbook of Technology and Innovation Management, while leaders were once seen as “captains of the ship” they must now be innovators—designers, operators, understanding overall organizational structure and policies. They must be innovative and know how to integrate new ideas with existing organizational policies. This is one of the biggest challenges for today’s organizations.

A 2004 European Commission study by the Directorate-general for Enterprise, Innovation Management, and the Knowledge-Driven Economy, stated, “Innovation management is a discipline; it does not come about through a random or hit-and-miss approach, but it requires design.” The rise of TIM programs across Europe brought with it the realization that the most valuable assets of today’s corporations—in a knowledge-driven economy—are the workers and those who manage the innovations and their knowledge.

Programs such as the Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy in Technology and Innovation Management at Northcentral University have been specifically designed to empower students in the knowledge-driven economy. It takes visionary leaders to change an organization and bring about new innovations for a better future. The TIM programs at schools such as NCU help students become agents for innovation, making a difference through technology, both now and into the future.

As the European Commission study cited, it is critical for companies to establish bridges between knowledge and the marketplace. TIM programs can help create those bridges—new markets, new innovations, new approaches to innovation management. In programs such as the one at NCU, mentors can help students understand real-world issues and challenges.

Technology and Innovation Management programs are broad-based programs that help students think critically and assess how technology can bring improvement to a given situation. In the coursework at NCU, for example, students are empowered to manage legal, ethical and security risks within a technological framework. As David Moore, Ph.D., Director of Assessment at NCU’s School of Business and Technology said, “We aim to create positive change agents and thought leaders who will make a world of difference by managing technology via innovative thinking.”

Northcentral University is proud to be a strategic partner with Edcor, working to bring added value to clients and their families in the form of reduced tuition rates and savings on textbooks and academic materials.

To learn more about NCU’s Technology and Innovation Management programs, contact one of NCU’s dedicated Enrollment Advisors today at 1-855-522-2011 or click here.

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