The historic town of San José del Cabo, Mexico will surprise you. With world-class galleries, fun, beachy shops and places to sample tequila and cigars, shoppers can keep very busy. But there is so much more. Shopping the markets of San José del Cabo brings both local staples and unique treasures. Seasonally, you can explore the markets and fill your senses with the tastes, smells and brilliant colors of Mexico.

Mercado Organico (Organic Market)

Wander a multi-cultural market on soft grass shaded by trees. The Organic Market is a place where Mexicans, as well as American and Canadian snowbirds and ex-patriots, meet and socialize.

Shopping the markets of San José del Cabo

Art students chat as their recent paintings draw visitors. Photo: Elizabeth R Rose

This open-air market is held Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. To get to the grassy market you’ll be driving down a short dirt road. Just look for the signs. It is located parallel to Calle Centenario (and easily accessible from Jose Maria Morelos, the street that goes by El Encanto in the Arts District.)

Yes, you’ll find some beautiful produce from local farms.

Shopping the markets of San José del Cabo

Eggplants sold with a smile at the Organic Market. Photo: Elizabeth R Rose

And yes, you’ll find other foods like home-baked bread and squash blossoms.

Shopping the markets of San José del Cabo

Squash blossoms purchased at the Organic Market make for great stuffed appetizers. Photo: Elizabeth R Rose

But you’ll also enter a festive, family oriented atmosphere when you park and walk up to the market. There may even be music and art. The day we were there, an art school teacher was holding an exhibit of his students’ colorful work. The local humane society had a crafts booth with proceeds going to provide care for dogs and cats.

Organic Market

Loved the Buy Organic T-Shirt! Photo: Elizabeth R Rose

As I made the rounds, I was greeted with smiles and usually a few words of English. A local ex-pat was showing her beautiful knitted sweaters and scarves. In the distance hammocks were swinging in the wind. It was a fascinating combination of local organic produce, community organizations and crafts.

Shopping the markets of San José del Cabo

You can buy hammocks at the Organic Market. Photo: Elizabeth R Rose

Mercado Organico is a must-do when you visit Los Cabos. It is seasonal and usually runs November through May.

Mercado Municipal

This indoor city market is located in the historic area of San José. It is more traditional than the Mercado Organico and you might need to use your Spanish when buying the meats, fish, fruits and souvenirs.

Shopping the markets of San José del Cabo

Wander the safe streets of San Jose del Cabo on your way to the City Market. Photo: Elizabeth R Rose

It is located in a residential area at the intersection of Calles Castro and Coronado. It was an easy walk through narrow streets from the town center.

Shopping the markets of San José del Cabo

Buy some produce and meat to take back to your beach condo while enjoying San José del Cabo. Photo: Elizabeth R Rose

Art Market

The Thursday Art Walks in the Gallery District of San José will lead you from gallery to gallery, to interesting shops and to restaurants. But there is also a market set up in the Municipal Plaza starting at 5 p.m. on art walk nights.

Artists displaying paintings, sculptures and smaller things like jewelry and souvenirs set up shop. Talk with the artists and peruse the offerings as the sun sets and the church bells ring. Most artists take both pesos and dollars. A few will take credit cards. One artist had a great answer for tourists who admired his large paintings. He could take the paintings off the frames, roll the canvas and place it in a shipping tube.

Shopping the markets of San José del Cabo

Colorful folk art paintings while shopping in San José del Cabo. Photo: Elizabeth R Rose

The art market took on a festive atmosphere. People stopped to dine at local restaurants, many of which have outdoor seating.

In December, prior to Christmas, the area features a Christmas decoration, gift, and food market at the Plaza on many nights. Families gather to watch their children dance on the stage during this season, also.

Shopping the markets of San José del Cabo

Strolling the art market in San José del Cabo on a balmy December evening. Photo: Elizabeth R Rose

When You Go Shopping the Markets of San José del Cabo

Be sure and ask at your hotel about special events and markets. Keep in mind that the markets I have described are seasonal. It can get very hot in the summers in Baja California Sur. Click here for more information about visiting Los Cabos. Click here for more about other great things to see and do and places to stay in Los Cabos.


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