A lot of people know about London’s excellent public transportation systems. Based on a study by the International Transport Forum, efficient modes of transportation contribute to the sustainability and growth of a city’s tourism department. Then again, with a booming leisure industry comes the constant influx of travelers going in and out of the city; adding to the congestion on the roads and even in its airports. While London is infamous for having legendary traffic volumes, the city compensates by having a fantastic airport such as Heathrow.


According to Parking4Less, in terms of passenger traffic, Heathrow is the third most active landing field in the world, and the busiest in all of Britain while having an array of parking options that cater for all types of travelers.

London Heathrow is the world' third most active airport

London Heathrow. Photo courtesy Pixabay Public Domain

The airport covers 1,227 hectares (about 3,032 acres) in west London and sees an average of more than a thousand air transport movements carrying close to 200,000 passengers daily. With these massive numbers, the management, throughout the years, has made significant improvements overall. The Express pointed out that the annual cost of running Heathrow is near £1 billion, or £975 million (about $1.4 billion) to be exact, with a £660 million ($940 million) allotment for upgrades. This comes from a yearly income of £2.3 billion ($3.3 billion) stemming from parking space rentals and departure fees to high-end shops and restaurants inside.

Airport Food Industry

The food industry has constantly been a solid contributor wherever it goes. And these days, it has become a staple for airline passengers who need to satisfy their taste buds and feed their cravings.

Starbucks at T5 airside at London Heathrow

Starbucks at T5 airside at London Heathrow. Photo courtesy TRBusiness

Heathrow will always have classics such as the Krispy Kremes, the Starbucks, and the Pret A Mangers of this world. But behind these all-time favourites, the airport is also home to celebrity chef restaurants namely Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food and Heston Blumenthal’s The Perfectionists’ Café.

Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food

Located inside Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5, Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food offers a new take on the term “luxury dining.”

Gordon Ramsay'ss Plane Food at London Heathrow offers a new take on the term luxury dining.

Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food. Photo courtesy Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

The airport restaurant features huge windows (perfect for viewing landing and departing aircrafts), as well as a long marble bar with a gorgeous twin-prop gold-leaf motif overhead. Plane Food serves specialties like mouth-watering seared scallops over butternut squash puree with cep, succulent steamed sea bass with minted potatoes and courgette, and chocolate tart with pistachio ice cream, just to name a few.

Heston Blumenthal’s The Perfectionists’ Café

The Perfectionists’ Café has become sort of a go-to place for luxury travelers inside Heathrow’s Terminal 2.

Heston Blumenthal's The Perfectionist's Cafe inside London Heathrow has become sort of a go-to place for luxury travellers

Heston Blumenthal's The Perfectionist's Cafe inside London Heathrow

The name speaks for itself, as celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal makes it a point to provide only the finest cuisines starting from a short list of fine wine to signature avant-garde desserts. Amongst the favourites is the extraordinary fish and chips, which is made from Cornish day boats, fried in beer batter, and finished off with pickled onion vinegar. Getting a bird’s eye view of Heathrow’s runway also adds a unique facet to the dining experience.

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