Inspired by the iconic French refreshment “Le Diabolo”, DIABOLO’s range of products will now be carried by Sprouts, Ralphs and certain Safeway divisions, making the drink now accessible in over 2,500 stores across more than 20 states marking a 30% increase in sales year on year. DIABOLO emphasizes its dedication to providing a healthy soda alternative.


DIABOLO’s Energizing line, DIABOLO LOCO will find its way across 218 Sprouts stores, while the Refreshing flavors are now sold in many of the Ralphs' stores. Certain Safeway divisions are also adding a mix of the Energizing and Refreshing Diabolo lines.

“We are proud to partner with Sprouts, Ralphs and Safeway to offer sparkling refreshment at a value price point for whole families to enjoy. Diabolo beverages are crafted and refined right here in the US with our headquarters in California, so the added distribution so close to home is extra rewarding,” added Michel Langlais, Founder and CEO of Diabolo.

“Our customer base continues to grow as the palate for low-sugar, low-calorie delicious sparkling beverages expands exponentially,” commented Jon Pevehouse, Director of Sales. ‘’DIABOLO gives people a healthy choice of All Natural beverages that doesn't sacrifice taste.“


“We are thrilled about our new partnerships. As a brand, we have always focused on working with innovative natural foods leaders, while providing consumers with dynamic, natural products without the premium pricing. For example, our great tasting Energizing Line, Diabolo Loco, has about ¼ the calories of a typical Energy Drink, so it partners well with Sprouts’ healthy consumers,” he added.

Dr. Langlais, who is a successful doctor, entrepreneur and sculptor, has made a conscious effort to keep his drinks delicious but also low in calories and low in sugar.


Inspired by the iconic French refreshment “Le Diabolo”, DIABOLO brings you a true and unique alternative to regular sodas, in four delicious, exotic flavor combinations: Dragon Fruit Plum, Blueberry Lemonade, Mint Lemonade and Tangerine Pomegranate. All natural, only 30 calories per serving, no sodium, lightly carbonated and enhanced with B vitamins; you can enjoy DIABOLO as much as you want as a guilt-free refreshment, or simply add to your favorite cocktails for a great flavor. DIABOLO LOCO is a brand extension of DIABOLO, offering a healthy alternative to other energy drinks in two delicious flavors: French Lemonade and Acai Berry Guava. With only 25 calories, 7g of cane sugar and 80 mg of caffeine per serving, DIABOLO LOCO gives you a steady boost day or night, while avoiding the “crash” without compromising the taste.

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