In today's connected world, a dead battery is tragic. In my world, if I can't access my phone, it can actually cost me money through a lost contract or missed opportunity. As I travel, both here in the US and throughout the world, I use my phone not just for calls and texts, but for email, booking hotels, finding restaurants, driving directions and to do my work. I need a reliable power source as a backup and I need to make certain I can charge up my phone—as well as my camera, iPad, GoPro and other gadgets—without worry. Accell has a couple of power products that now take with me everywhere.

Accell Tech Power 2-in-1 Power Bank

The Accell Tech Power 2-in-1 Power Bank is a small combination charger and backup battery. The sleek power bank is just over 4″ long, an inch square and available in either black or white. This is better than the typical power bank that might give you an added 30 minutes on your battery. This one will do about 1.5 charges for my iPhone 6S Plus. Once you charge up the power bank, it holds a charge unused for several weeks. That way, if you're out and caught with a low battery, you don't have to worry that the backup battery is also dead.

Accell Tech USB Backup Power Bank

Accell Tech Power 2-in-1 Power Bank. Photo courtesy Accell

The great part about the Accell Tech Power 2-in-1 Power Bank is that I can plug it in at night and then plug my phone into it and it charges the power bank and my phone at the same time. While this isn't an issue at home, it is important on the road when I check into an older hotel that happens to have only one available plug anywhere. You can also plug the unit into a USB drive on your computer to charge it as well.

The power button on the bottom of the unit has to be pressed for about 3 seconds to turn on the power bank, making it nice when it's in the bottom of my purse. My old power bank was always getting turned on by accident, so it was never charged when I needed it. This is designed to charge a smartphone and will also charge my power supply for my digital camera. The only negative is that you have to separate the two halves to be able to flip out the folding AC plug. If it had a little indented space to access those plugs, this would be the perfect power bank. Priced at $29.99, this is one little piece of equipment that stays in my purse or my backpack, whether I'm running around town or traveling across the world. Click here to purchase your power bank.

Accell Home or Away Dual USB Charging Kit

The other Accell product that I love is the Home or Away Dual USB Charging Kit. In my travels around the world, I've gone through my share of adapters. Some work better than others. This is definitely one of the better ones I've tested over the years. The great part about it is that it's easy to even for those who may never travel overseas and solves one of my biggest problems—how to charge both my phone and iPad by my bedside when I only have one plug available.

Accell Home Or Away Dual USB International Charging Kit

Accell Home Or Away Dual USB Charging Kit. Photo courtesy Accell

The Home or Away Dual USB Charging Kit offers high-speed USB charging of both phones and tablets or other devices. It has an automatic switch that detects and supports electricity from 100 volts to 240 volts. The basic unit is less than 2″ square and fully charges two devices. It has overcurrent and overvoltage protection, ideal for countries where power can be a little questionable. I like that there is an LED power indicator—which alerted me recently when I accidentally turned off a switch that shut off the outlet. If I hadn't seen the light go out, I would have awoken the next morning to a dead phone.

Home or Away Dual USB Charging

Home or Away Dual USB Charging Kit with international plug adapters. Photo courtesy Accell

For $21.99, this is a great travel solution. I don't have to take multiple converters when I travel. Since this charges both my phone and my iPad, it's the only adapter I need. The kit comes with the USA plug built in. It includes an UE plug, UK plug and Australian plug, so it will work in about 150 countries around the world. The best part is that you just fold up the US plug and slip the adapter over the closed plug. Not only will this go with me on my trips to Europe this year, but it now stays in my overnight bag and is perfect for charging my devices when the only plug available is the single outlet on the bedside lamp. Click here to purchase your Home or Away Dual USB Charging Kit.

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