As you wander, I would recommend using one of the Axel & Ash journals to “insert YOUR story.” In an earlier article, I shared some of my travel firsts. This beautiful journal—Swept Away by Wanderlust—is the perfect way for you to start recording your travel firsts and special memories.

About the Wanderlust Journal

I love the overall concept of Wanderlust and the other journal by the same company, My Bucket ListWanderlust is a fun travel book that tracks 10 destinations. There are great writing prompts that make you think about your experiences. For example, writing a postcard to your future self, describing the season at your destination, talking about walks you've taken and describing the people you meet.


“In the Air Before I Flutter Away” page in Wanderlust. Photo courtesy Axel & Ash

At the back of the journal, there is a section of lists. In there, you can track everything from the art you see to stories you hear or even cafés where you've nibbled on great food. And yes, there is room for your very own bucket list.


This Place page from Wanderlust. Photo courtesy Axel & Ash

The journal has a classic vintage feel. It is filled with some really cool travel quotes—like the one from St. Augustine, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”—along with photos from around the world.


Wanderlust has photos from around the world. Photo courtesy Axel & Ash

Using the Wanderlust Journal

I am careful when I travel to only take the essentials and often travel with nothing more than a small carryon bag. So, I originally wondered if I would ever use the journal. It's about 8 inches long and just under one-inch thick, making it a bit hefty in a purse or backpack. However, the information inside is so much fun that I have decided to carry it on all my travels in 2016.


Wanderlust is filled with fun writing prompts that can help you tell your own story. Photo courtesy Axel & Ash

I like to think that if I record my thoughts about my travels this year that someday my grandkids will find all those reflections inspirational, or at least a tad bit interesting. After I spent a couple of days reading my own grandmother's journals, it felt as if I had been able to chat with her, which I haven't been able to do in almost 40 years (and never able to do as an adult after her passing in 1978). I will admit that it sort of thrills me to think of my grandkids reading my insights someday when they are adults and my wandering days are behind me.

About Axel & Ash

In today's electronic world, it's such a pleasure for me to hold an actual journal. I realize that putting pen to paper is something I am obsessed about and can seem a little foreign to today's kids, but I believe it's a great way to slow down and record what's in your heart. (And yes, I still write out every article on paper with a pen before I type it on the computer.)

Insert YOUR Story in the Wanderlust journal by Axel & Ash.

Insert YOUR Story in the Wanderlust journal by Axel & Ash. Photo by Susan Lanier-Graham

The idea for the journals came from two creative travelers living in Australia, Hanna Axelson Sahlen (originally from Sweden) and Ashleigh Powell. You can order your Swept Away by Wanderlust travel journal from Amazon.

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