Coffee is one of my biggest not-so-secret vices. The amount of money I spend on mochas and caramel macchiatos a month is…well…we won’t discuss it. But it is my escape. There is nothing I love more than finding a quiet spot in a comfy chair in a coffee shop and savoring an alone moment indulging in espresso, milk and chocolate or caramel. To my delight, I found all of that and more when I recently stumbled upon The Refuge.

Refuge meal

The Refuge is a comfortable, welcoming café located on 7th Avenue just south of Camelback with signature drinks like “The Lavender”—a white chocolate espresso drink infused with lavender, and the “AZ Sunset”—a dark chocolate mocha with subtle orange tones. Their private label coffee beans are locally roasted, packaged and distributed.“Café Esperanza” is a proprietary blend of coffee from Central and South America and has a smooth and creamy flavor.

For those who need to unwind in the evening, The Refuge also offers a cocktail menu and Tapas. There is also a room available for conferences or other events.

The walls at The Refuge are filled with stunning art work ranging from painting to collages, purses, jewelry, and sculptures. Each of these pieces of art is one-of-a-kind and hand made by refugees from the world over. Phoenix is amazing because so many cultures come together and The Refuge does a fantastic job of displaying this diversity of our city by providing a space for refugees to exhibit and sell works of art. Purchases of these items directly benefits the artists.

The Refuge is a social enterprise of Catholic Charities Community Services and provides much-needed funding to nonprofit organizations throughout the Valley. The Refuge donates proceeds from every cup to charities that serve the poor, sells hand-crafted art created by refugees, and provides employment opportunities for at risk youth and refugees. The Refuge gives Phoenicians an opportunity to enjoy a great cup of coffee and help the community. A winning combination!

The Refuge Coffee & Wine
4727 N. 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013
602. 265.1725

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