It’s the next big thing in the beer world, and the only brewery to have it is North Mountain Brewing Company. Any beer on tap can now be perfected with NitroBrew™.

Picture your favorite North Mountain craft beer. Now, picture it as a nitro brew. There’s something poetic, almost romantic, about a freshly-poured pint of stout from a nitro tap. The cascading effect is mesmerizing. You can now experience that at one of Phoenix’s favorite local craft breweries.

NitroBrew, or the process of nitrogenating virtually any type of beer and creating a cask-style flavor experience, is taking the craft-brewing community by storm, and while the science involved may be a bit complex, the end result is simple: a silky, super smooth texture and an undeniable taste improvement over non-nitrogenated beers.

“Essentially, what NitroBrew does if infuse beer with nitrogen while reducing carbonation in 90-seconds flat,” said Robert Berkner, North Mountain’s Head Brewer and Owner. “The goal is to achieve a particular balance of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, because that balance is what ultimately affects the overall beer-drinking experience.”

Berkner explained that finding that precise balance is something all brewers strive to do, factors like transportation and storage often throw it off before the beer is even served. “The nitrogen and carbon dioxide content in beer is affected by temperature changes, and that’s why NitroBrew is used tableside here at North Mountain Brewing, so you get the ultimate nitrogenated experience without it being affected by climate conditions and other factors beyond your control.”

NitroBrew can be used with any type of beer, from IPAs to stouts and porters, and brown ales to reds. North Mountain isn’t charging extra for the nitrogenation, and so far, beer fans are singing its praises and noting its creamy texture and head of foam.

“NitroBrew really brings out the malty, rich flavor of each brew, and creates a visible cascading effect I like to call ‘Nature’s Lava Lamp,’” Berkner said. “While we’re still learning more about the NitroBrew process, we’re seeing that it’s a huge draw for Arizona’s craft beer community, and we’re excited to be the first to expose our beer drinkers to the next big thing in beer.”

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