tjepsaycheese60lo_1440x790Remember the days when the thought of an airport layover brought shudders and a sense of dread? Today’s airports are breaking out of that mold—and breaking all the old rules — to offer bespoke services to modern travelers. From luxury lounges, modern spas and art museums to wine bars, gourmet restaurants and markets filled with fresh produce, airports around the world are revolutionizing the travel experience. Discover a new place each month for your next luxe layover.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (pronounced shki-pole) had its beginnings back in 1916 when a little military two-seater flew into a field outside Amsterdam. Just four years later, in May of 1920, KLM Royal Dutch Airlineslanded the first commercial plane there, with two journalists from England on board the plane. Over the next half-dozen years, Schiphol earned the nickname “Schiphol Bathing Resort” because, more often than not, the field was a mud bath due to heavy rainfall. The airlines even hired big burly Dutchmen to carry passengers off the plane on their backs. In 1926, the city of Amsterdam took ownership of the new airport in anticipation of the 1928 Olympics, and created an impressive system of tarmacs to prevent planes and passengers from sinking.

Click here to download the PDF about layovers in AMS that appeared in Luxe Beat Magazine on December 28, 2014Click here to view the online version of the article.

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