What were your best bites and sips of this year? I took a stroll back through 2014 via Instagram, reliving some of the amazing bites of food and sips of drinks I've had as I wandered the USA this year. I never left the US during 2014, which is a first in a very long time, but I honestly think I had some of the best meals of my life this year.

Take a look back at some of my best bites and sips of 2014 in this short video (and the song is totally fun to boot):

What were YOUR best bites and sips of 2014? I'd love to hear in the comments below. Be sure to check back on WanderWithWonder.com throughout 2015 as I cover some of these bites in more detail and add plenty of new bites during the coming year. You can click here to subscribe and receive an email when I add a new article about my latest wow moment.  Be sure to check out my series of recipes from the road for more of my favorites bites from around the world.

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