Trendsetters: Lawless Denim. Uptown, January 2014

Trendsetters: Lawless Denim. Uptown, January 2014

Lawless Denim: A passion for denim

When Roman Acevedo moved to Phoenix from San Diego 13 years ago, downtown wasn’t a great place to live In fact, most people never ventured downtown if they could help it. today, all that has changed, in part because of the birth of great shops and restaurants, including Acevedo’s new Lawless Denim & Co. that opened in cityScape in October 2013. “Today I live, breathe and eat downtown Phoenix,” Acevedo says proudly. “I love the movement in downtown Phoenix.” Lawless Denim is possibly one of the most unique stores to open in Arizona.

Click here to read the article that appeared in the January 2014 issue of Uptown.

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