I recently received one of these fun, chic Cool-it Caddies in the mail. I frequently get products to test and sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. The Cool-it Caddy is one of those great new products that is not only innovative and practical, but also fun. The Cool-it Caddy, created by a Scottsdale, Arizona woman who was tired of having her makeup and lip gloss melt in the hot Arizona summers, is such a simple idea, but one I hadn't seen before.

Cool-it Caddy

Cool-it Caddy Contempo. Credit: Vinci Designs

The Cool-it Caddy is an airtight, insulated bag designed to hold your makeup. I tested the Cool-it Caddy Contempo design, which measures 8.5″ x 5.5″ x 3″ wide. I received a pretty cobalt blue one and was surprised how sleek and compact it is, yet it holds more than my regular makeup bag that I carry with me. The bag features one main zippered compartment and a side pocket that would fit a cell phone, credit card, identification or the like. If you're going to be out for the day, especially in summer when makeup has a tendency to get soft and even melt, you can slip the bag in your purse, or leave the big bag at home and just carry the Cool-it Caddy. The secret to this innovative product is insulated sides that contain chemical coolant pouches.

Cool-it Caddy Melon

Cool-it Caddy in Melon. Credit: Vinci Designs

When you get your Cool-it, simply put the empty bag in the freezer. After it has had a chance to freeze, you're ready to use it. Unzip it, fill it with your makeup and head out. The exterior is waterproof, which makes it ideal for taking to the pool or beach. The instructions included with it told me it would stay cold up to seven hours, with a suggestion to keep it out of direct sunlight to prolong the frozen coolant inside. (Throw a towel over it at the pool or beach.) I decided to use it to on a recent weekend car trip from Phoenix to Sedona. I was thrilled at how it performed.

I got the bag out of my freezer about 11 a.m. and filled it with my cosmetics. About an hour later, I put it in the car–which had been sitting all day in the 110-degree Arizona summer weather–and took off for Sedona. By the time we had run a few errands, drove to Sedona in heavy traffic, stopped for lunch, and I finally got around to unpacking it, it had been out of the freezer for five hours. Not only was it still cold, my makeup was unhurt by the heat. I left my makeup in the bag, on the bathroom counter, for a couple more hours before time to get ready for dinner. One fun thing I discovered was that my makeup was cool. It felt really nice on a a hot afternoon to have cool foundation and lipstick to put on my face.

This is a great idea not only here in Arizona, but wherever you are that you don't want your cosmetics to melt during hot summers. There are a couple of words of caution about the product. First, remember the coolant pouches have a liquid chemical inside, so you cannot take the Cool-it Caddy through the TSA checkpoints at the airport. Second, you probably don't want to put any sharp objects inside the bag to prevent damaging the coolant. Third, before you refreeze the bag, put something soft inside–such as a washcloth–to keep the shape as the liquid freezes.

I highly recommend this little bag. It's sturdy, has a heavy-duty zipper, holds quite a bit of makeup and really looks quite chic. It sells online at http://www.cool-itcaddy.com/ for $34.95. The company offers a couple of additional styles on their website.

Cool-it Caddy Contempo in Cobalt Blue



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