There is nothing quite as good as creamy butter on a warm flaky croissant. My problem is getting butter to the right spreading consistency. I found the perfect solution in the Parisian Polka Dot Butter Bell Crock by L. Tremain.

Parisian Polka Dot Butter Bell Crock

Parisian Polka Dot Butter Bell Crock. Credit: Butter Bell Crocks

This adorable crock, available in red, blue or black, is a modern version of the authentic French beurrier. The crock comes with a little polka dot handled spreader that slips into the handle on the side.

When I received my Butter Bell Crock in the mail from L. Tremain, I wasn’t really sure it was something I would use. Sure, it’s adorable, but is it practical? I love the idea of having spreadable, room temperature butter available, so I carefully followed the instructions to use my crock and try it out. A small amount of cold water (about 1/3 cup) goes into the crock. The bell-shaped lid holds an entire stick of butter. I let the butter soften a bit, then pressed it into the lid, leveling it out with a table knife. The lid then goes onto the water-filled crock. The water creates a seal for the butter, providing a safe storage without refrigeration. I change the water every three days to keep it fresh and I’m all set to enjoy those warm croissants. I absolutely adore this and it is definitely something I will use and recommend.

The Parisian Polka Dot Butter Bell Crock and Spreader set sells for $29.95. The Butter Bell crocks are also available in several other designs, including an antique style, white raised floral, classic Parisian bistro style and solid color crocks in both traditional colors and fun, bright retro colors. Prices range from $19.95 to $24.95. Visit online at

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