The Travalo Touch is a must-have accessory when you travel, or just want an easy way to keep a touch-up of your favorite fragrance at the ready. One of my biggest disappointments with the 3 ounce liquid restrictions on flights is not being able to pack my favorite perfume. The Travalo products finally provide a real solution to the problem.

Travalo Touch applicators

Travalo Touch. Credit: Travalo

I recently tested the Travalo Touch and I love it. The little applicator is just a bit longer than a lipstick. It is easy to fill with your favorite fragrance, and then just tuck it into your bag or briefcase. It is TSA-approved, so you don't have to worry about having it confiscated because it doesn't meet the size requirements. (Remember, it does contain liquid, so you'll need to place it in the quart-sized plastic bag when you go through airport security.) It isn't just for traveling long distances, either. It is small enough to carry along for a refresher after a trip to the gym or before an evening out. The Travalo Touch that I reviewed has a rollerball applicator rather than a spray atomizer, which means you don't have to worry about bothering others with perfume sprays.

The Travalo is a clever design that is simple, easy to use, but long-lasting and well made. The durable aluminum tube holds 5 ml of fragrance or about 50 applications. It is incredibly easy to use: remove the nozzle from your perfume bottle, put the Travalo on the bottle's pump stick and fill the Travalo as desired. You don't need a funnel and there's no risk of spilling perfume all over during the process. The sleek rollerball on the Touch makes it easy to apply without spilling or leaking.


There are several different types of Travalo products available:

  • Travalo Touch. This is the model I tested, available in silver, black, gold and pink metallic. It is a sleek and thin model, with a clear window to see the perfume level. It has a rollerball application system, holds about 50 applications and sells for $24.99.
  • Travalo Pure is also 5 ml and has a “glassique” style with a clear base with a vine design and a solid-colored cap. This has a spray nozzle instead of a rollerball and holds about 65 sprays. It is available in a smokey container with black cap or in a clear container with the cap in black, gold, pink, hot pink, red or silver. The Pure sells for $12.99.
  • Travalo Elite. This model is also a spray atomizer. The glassique container is covered with an aluminum case that has a window to show the perfume levels inside the bottle. This model holds 65 sprays and is available in silver, gold, pink and hot pink. It sells for $19.99.
  • Travalo Excel. The Excel is another glassique and aluminum model with a spray head. The applicator holds 65 sprays and is available in a selection of bright, metallic colors: black, blue, gold, green, hot pink, orange, pink, purple, red and silver. The Excel retails for $19.99. There are also gift packs available containing two Excel applicators and a carrying case for $49.99.
  • Travalo Classic. This classic style is 4 ml and holds 50 sprays. The unit is aluminum-covered glassique with a window to view the perfume inside. It is a spray unit with a heavy black plastic spray nozzle. The classic, which sells for $15.99, is available in silver, pink, red, gold, black or hot pink.
Travalo Elite

Travalo Elite in Hot Pink. Credit: Travalo

I love my Travalo Touch but I must admit I was skeptical at first. I wasn't sure how well it would actually work. After using it, I think it is genius. I carry it in my bag daily and it goes on every one of my trips with me. I have one other fragrance I use occasionally, so I think I might have to buy another Travalo for that one. Maybe this time I'll go for a red or hot pink spray version.

Check out all of the Travalo models and colors online.

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