Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona is 145 acres of Arizona desert that has been lovingly designed, preserved and cultivated to showcase the wonders of the desert. No matter which season you visit, there is always something fascinating at DBG. One of my favorite times of year there is spring. The array of colors and fields of blooms in the desert always amaze first-time visitors to Arizona and the Southwest. One of the most beautiful of those blooms, and the Arizona state flower, is the saguaro bloom. I took this photo in May when the blooms were open atop the towering saguaro cactus.

When I first arrived in the desert a little over three decades ago now, it was the mighty saguaro that captured my imagination. These towering structures can reach 70 feet tall and can grow for hundreds of years. It can take 75 years for the saguaro to grow just a single arm.

In contrast to the prickly, green cactus with its 2″ long spikes, the blossoms are white with yellow centers and appear fragile. They bloom mainly at night, from April through June. The blooms usually close by late morning. The magnificent saguaro with its precious blooms perfectly signifies the contrasts that I love so much in Arizona.

If you want to visit the Desert Botanical Garden, it is open year round. While mornings are best in the spring months, you’ll want to visit in the evenings during the summer months when the days are hot.

Desert Botanical Garden
1201 N. Galvin Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85008

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