One of the challenges with young travelers is keeping up with their bags. It’s never too early to stress the importance of identifying their own bags. One fun way I found to help kids easily identify their bags is with a PakNak®.

Ted PakNak

Ted PakNak flexible 3-D adhesive character

The PakNak® is a fun, colorful 3-D rubber adhesive character that sticks to a backpack or suitcase — or, for that matter, a lunchbox, headband, computer, or just about any other surface. The adhesive disk affixes directly to the bag, then the designs themselves are interchangeable with Velcro, so kids can swap them out as they like.

Do your kids have matching backpacks and are always getting them confused? Just decorate each one with a different PakNak®. Want to help your daughter know which lunch box is hers at school? Let her decorate it with a special PakNak®. Each little character even comes with its own bio and sells online for $3.99 at

Click here to see video about PakNaks


PakNaks are great for decorating backpacks

PakNak® is the brainchild of two Oregon moms and their families. The fun 3-D characters are flexible and waterproof, perfect for trekking around the world — or across the street to school. In fact, I think they might be fun for my own computer case. I am sort of partial to the lady bug!

Special thanks to for sending me Robert Robot and Manfred Snail to check out. I think I’ll order a few more for stocking stuffers this year!

Order online at

PakNaks on headbands

PakNaks are great for decorating headbands


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