My visit to Esencia Estate on Mexico's Mayan Riviera filled me with wonder. My spa treatment there, the Ritual Ix Chel, was one of my all-time top spa treatments.

Esencia Spa

Enjoy a private Jacuzzi at Esencia Spa. Photo courtesy Esencia Estate.

Esencia is a 50-acre private estate with a mile of pristine beach. The sand is a brilliant white and the water sapphire blue. The grounds are lush with tropical flowers and plants. The resort, once the private estate of an Italian duchess, focuses on a connection to the earth. It boasts the Riviera Maya's first organic spa using pure indigenous fruits, plants, and herbs.

The Aroma Spa is located on a private corner of the resort and exemplifies Esencia's dedication to simplicity and the Mayan culture. There are 5 treatment rooms, 4 Jacuzzis, and 2 Mayan-style domed steam rooms. I visited the resort with my mom and we scheduled spa treatments together. When we arrived, the attendant took us back to change. I opted to start with a private jacuzzi. Tucked into an alcove open to a private jungle setting, I was surrounded by flowers, candles, the sounds of birds, and gentle breezes.

Beach front at Esencia Estate, Mexican Riviera

Beachfront cabanas at Esencia Estate, Mexican Riviera. Photo courtesy Esencia Estate

I soaked in the bubbling water for a good 15 minutes, then wrapped myself in my soft robe and joined my mom in the relaxation room, where we sipped herbal tea until it was time for our treatments. Our therapists took us into a quaint room, walls lined with herbs, oils, and flowers. We walked with the women as they picked the items they would use for our treatments, then we followed them through the winding walkways back to our treatment room.

Our room was indoors, but the wall opened to the jungle, letting in gentle breezes and the sounds of nature. The Ritual Ix Chel is a relaxing massage. The ritual is designed to celebrate femininity, combining the power of red flowers as a symbol of love. The therapist gently and almost sensually covered my body in a mix of lukewarm honey, oil, and flowers. Then, with slow, precise movements, she massaged my body. I found myself completely relaxed.

I had been worried about taking my mom to the spa. She's not a veteran spa-goer. I had intended to stay alert and make sure she was okay, as we shared a room for our treatments. However, I slipped away into that blissful spa world. I didn't need to worry about mom after all. She completely enjoyed her spa experience as well. We both took our time relaxing after the massage and slowly made our way back across the property, wandering through the lush gardens on our way to our room overlooking the water. I felt as lazy as the large iguana we passed on the way, lounging on the rocks in the mid-day sun.

This was indeed a special spa experience for me. Not only was it a great treatment, but it couldn't have been better than to have shared this feminine ritual of love and power with my mom on this beautiful stretch of beach in Mexico.

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Esencia Spa

Aroma Spa at Esencia Estate. Photo courtesy Esencia Estate

Aroma Spa
Esencia Estate
Carretera Cancun-Tulum
Predio Rústico Xpu-Ha 18 y 19
Xpu-Ha 77710
(52) 984-873-4830
Toll Free: 877-528-3490


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