L'Auberge du Lac Casino Resort is a 26-story hotel in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and it was my headquarters for Mardi Gras.

L'Auberge Deluxe Guestroom

L'Augerge Deluxe Guestroom. Photo courtesy L'Auberge Du Lac Casino Resort

The hotel has a wonderfully contemporary yet rustic decor with massive fireplaces in the main lobby. There were dark woods with wrought-iron fixtures, but there wasn't that feeling of a dark lodge. Instead, it was comfortable, a bit like an upscale ranch house. I loved that I could come and go in the hotel without ever having to go through the casino. It was convenient on the main level if I wanted to stop in and visit a slot machine, but I didn't have to listen to ringing machines when I walked through the hotel lobby or shops.

My room was also comfortable. There was luxurious white bedding, soothing colors, artwork in vibrant colors, and a river view. I fell in love with an awesome cow-print chair in the room. Not only was it fun, but it was a great place to sit and sort out all the fabulous beads I collected each day!

Jack Daniels Bar Grill

Jack Daniel's Bar & Grill. Photo courtesy L'Auberge Du Lac Casino Resort

L'Auberge du Lac has so much to offer, most of which I didn't have a chance to enjoy because I found myself so busy with Mardi Gras in Lake Charles. However, I did take time for coffee at the coffee bar in the lobby, gelato at Desserts, a few drinks at Jack Daniel's Bar & Grill, a bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup from the Asian-fusion restaurant Asia.  Oh, yes, I did pick up a couple of very tacky but cute Mardi Gras-themed shot glasses from L'Sundries. Of course, I did take a couple of minutes to toss a few quarters into a slot machine in the casino, but my $5 didn't go very far and I found my way back to Jack Daniel's instead.

L'Auberge du Lac

L'Augerge du Lac Casino Resort. Photo courtesy L'Auberge Du Lac Casino Resort

Although L'Auberge du Lac is a great hotel at any time of the year, it's perfect during the Mardi Gras festivities. You'll have an awesome room to return to, with a nice soft pillow for your head, after a day of partying with the great folks in Lake Charles.

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