Of all the places I’ve taken my husband on my travels, Hidden Meadow Ranch in Greer, Arizona is probably his favorite. But then, he is the man who has always wanted a cabin “far far away.”

NOTE: Hidden Meadow Ranch is no longer operating as a guest ranch and not open to the public.

I must agree with him that Hidden Meadow Ranch is incredible and deserves a spot in my list of top hotel rooms. Although it feels as if you are miles from the rat race, you’re only about 4 hours from Phoenix and just an hour out of Show Low, making it easily accessible. Top that off with every luxury and what could be more perfect?

Fire Dance Cabin

Fire Dance Cabin. Photo courtesy Hidden Meadow Ranch

When I visited Hidden Meadow, it was the middle of June and still cool enough at 8,000 feet above sea level that we needed jackets in the evenings and were able to enjoy the cabin’s fireplace. We stayed in the Fire Dance cabin. Each cabin is individually decorated. Ours was decorated in the colors and traditions of the nearby Apache Indians. There was a master bedroom and a loft bedroom (plus the sofa in the living room opens up as a bed). The cabin also included a massive copper-lined soaking tub, XM satellite radio, a galley kitchen with sodas, snacks, coffee, and hot chocolate. There were two porches — one at the front entrance, but the other at the back was fabulous, overlooking the broad meadows. I loved the wood-burning stone fireplace in the living area. The staff lit the fire each night while we were at dinner.

Hidden Meadow Ranch also offers more than “just” the cabins. Each stay includes three daily meals at the main lodge, and the food is fabulous. There are also activities going on all day, from horseback rides to fishing to hiking — or simply relaxing in a hammock.

Resting at Hidden Meadow Ranch in Greer Arizona

Resting at Hidden Meadow Ranch. Photo courtesy Hidden Meadow Ranch

I really treasure that weekend at Hidden Meadow Ranch. We were lucky enough to be there for a winemaker’s dinner. After a gourmet tasting menu, we walked slowly back in the dark, chilly night, then let ourselves into our cabin where the crackling fireplace greeted us. I bundled up in the chenille throw in the cabin and snuggled up next to my husband. This one is definitely on my top hotel room list. I am determined to spend a Christmas at Hidden Meadow Ranch one of these years!

Dining Room at Hidden Meadow Ranch

Dining Room at Hidden Meadow Ranch. Photo courtesy Hidden Meadow Ranch

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Ranch House at Hidden Meadow Ranch

Ranch House at Hidden Meadow Ranch. Photo courtesy Hidden Meadow Ranch

Hidden Meadow Ranch
PO Box 300
620 county Road 1325
Greer, AZ 85927


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