The 70-foot Millennium houseboat from Forever Resorts at Callville Bay Resort & Marina is a nontraditional choice for top hotel room. I spent a long weekend in this floating hotel room on Lake Mead in Nevada, and it is a perfect vacation stay, making it one of my top hotel room picks. The houseboat sleeps 12 comfortably, so I took along my husband, parents, sister, my husband's two sisters, and one of his nieces along for the trip.

Millennium houseboat Interior

Millennium houseboat Interior. Photo courtesy Forever Resorts

Lake Mead, which is about 6 hours from my home in Phoenix and less than an hour out of Las Vegas, has over 500 miles of shoreline to explore. We didn't even come close, but we had great fun trying. After an initial lesson in the harbor at Callville Bay Resort & Marina, and with the aid of a great map and GPS system on board the boat, we were free to wander the lake for the entire weekend. It was hot when we were there in July, which made the water temp perfect for playing. The boat itself had AC, so we didn't have to worry about being too hot to sleep at night.

Callville Bay houseboats at night

Houseboats from Callville Bay on Lake Mead at night. Photo courtesy Forever Resorts

The 70-foot Millennium is a comfortable hotel-on-the-water. It's not luxurious in the yacht category of luxury, but it has everything necessary for a great weekend or even a week on the water. There are four bedrooms and two baths, which includes all the linens and towels. There's a full kitchen that comes with all dishes, appliances, and utensils. All you need to bring are your personal items, your own food and beverages, and your swim suit. Water toys are a must, but you can even rent those at the Callville Bay Resort & Marina if you don't have any on hand. The boat also comes with DirecTV and two telelvisions, DVD player, sound system, upper deck with deck chairs, wet bar and stools, hot tub, and a slide from the top deck to the water. There is also a barbecue on the back deck.

We had a fabulous time playing in the water, fishing, barbecuing, even exploring the shore when we stopped. We spotted big horn sheep on the rocky hills next to the lake and watched hawks dipping low over the water. In the afternoon, we found a great little cove, anchored the boat, and played in the water for hours. It was nearly 100 degrees that weekend, so we filled the hot tub with cool water and relaxed there for a while, drinks in hand, enjoying the views over the lake. After we'd eaten the burgers we barbecued, we all stretched out on the upper deck and watched the endless numbers of stars overhead. I slept like a baby with the gentle bobbing of the boat on the water.

Click here to read a full article about houseboating on Lake Mead aboard the Millenium.

Definitely not a traditional hotel, the 70-foot Millenium from Forever Resorts is still one of my top stays. I look forward to going back with the grandkids so they can enjoy playing in the water.


Forever Houseboat

Forever Houseboat. Photo courtesy Forever Houseboats

Callville Bay Resort & Marina
Lake Mead, NV

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