The perfect gift — or a lovely treat for yourself — is an all-natural, organic candle from Baroness Monica von Neumann. This new signature line of candles is as intriguing as the woman who created them.
Baroness von Neumann Memoir

Baroness Monica von Neumann, a former model for Dior and Yves St. Laurent, is a savvy businesswoman and luxury lifestyle expert. She created the line of candles inspired by her travels around the globe. These are sophisticated candles, invoking a mood, rather just creating a smell. Instead of the typical “vanilla” candle found in most retail outlets, these candles are complex and I found myself wanting to close my eyes and imagine far-away places.
From around the world to across the street, these candles take you on a journey of the senses. The Baroness believes that “living in luxury is about spoiling the senses.” She very much accomplishes that with these beautiful candles. The four fragrances are:

  • Atlas: Sandalwood, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Mahogany
  • Fête: Clove Bud, Mandarin, and Norwegian Pine
  • Modena: Orange Blossom and Lemon Leaf
  • Savon: Jasmine, Damask Rose, and Red Amber

The Baroness von Neumann candles are unique for several reasons:

  • 70+ hour burning time
  • All-natural soy-based wax and cotton wick that burns cleanly without creating soot
  • Beautiful glass with the Neumann family crest, a centuries-old symbol of  luxury and refinement (and each candle comes in a package that is beautiful for gift-giving)
  • Hand-poured in the US

The candles are available for retail purchase at this time only in West Hollywood, California at Candle Delirium, but they can also be purchased online at Each candle sells for $38.50. The complete collection is available for $154.00.

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