Hydrotherapy pool at Tyst Tradgard

Friends sharing a hydrotherapy pool at Tyst Tradgard.

Tyst Tradgard is a new style of Scandinavian spa just 30 minutes from downtown Quebec City that combines hydrotherapy treatments and massage into an exquisite unforgettable spa experience.

The Duchesnay Resort sits on a hilltop overlooking the famed Ice Hotel (Hotel de Glace), but tucked away in the hillside below the chalet is Tyst Tradgard, a Scandinavian-style spa at the resort offering an experience you'll not soon forget. Beautiful in the rolling green hills of summer or amid the changing colors of the fall foliage, the winter experience is one of the most unique you'll find anywhere.

The spa treatment rooms themselves are unforgettable, each with a themed setting:

  • Egyptian temple
  • African temple
  • Prehistoric cave
  • Temple of light

The outside spa stations, however, are the crowning glory that make the experience at Tyst Tradgard so unique when it's experienced in Canada's sub-zero winter temps. With the deep snow surrounding the steaming water, there's no better way to relax. The concept of the Scandinavian spa guides you through two to four private hydrotherapy stations of half an hour each. With your spouse, a small group of friends, or alone, you always enjoy your sessions without strangers. Top off the hydrotherapy session with the icy cold plunge pool, a dip in the snow bank, or a run under the cold waterfall, followed by a session in the dry sauna, and all of your senses will be alive and your body cleansed.

Reservations are required and now is the time to start planning your trip for those chilly fall days or the cold winter months when the snow adds that extra air of mystery to the baths of Tyst Tradgard.

Packages & Treatments (priced in Canadian dollars)

Individual or Group Hydrotherapy Sessions:

  • With bathrobe, towel, sandals, and water bottle: $30/person for 60 minutes or $40/person for 120 minutes
  • Without towel and bathrobe: $23/person for 60 minutes or $33/person for 120 minutes

Four-hour Adventure Package $169.95/person includes:

  • Health assessment
  • 1 hour hydrotherapy treatment
  • Body scrub
  • 60-minute massage in the themed room of your choice
  • Gourmet refreshments
  • Tea tasting

Massage Package $97.85/person for 60 minutes or $137.50/person for 90 minutes includes:

  • Health assessment
  • Body scrub
  • Massage
  • Choice of beverage in one of the quiet areas

Accommodation Packages

Accommodation packages are available with both the Duchesnay Resort (call 877-511-5885) or the Hotel de Glace (call 877-505-0423).
For more info:
Tyst Tradgard
35 Chemin de la Detente
Ste-Catherine-de-la-J.-C., Quebec
G3N 241

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