Mii amo, a destination spa at Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona, embraces the Native American culture that is so much a part of the American Southwest.

Mii amo, the Yuman word for journey, works to create a place where visitors can learn, explore, and absorb the individual qualities of well-being. R.J. Joseph, the Native American Program Director at Mii amo, has worked with tribes from around the region to bring the rich Native American culture to Mii amo.

Inner Quest Mii Amo

Inner Quest treatment at Mii amo spa. Photo courtesy Enchantment Resort

Perhaps the most authentic and moving Native American spa treatment in all of Arizona is at Mii amo.

Inner Quest at Mii amo

The Inner Quest has been accepted and partially created by Joseph. Therapists performing the treatment are blessed by a local tribal elder. The treatment uses plants sacred to Native Americans and is based on the four directions of the Medicine Wheel, representing the four stages of life. The Circle of Life blanket creates warmth to simulate the sweat lodge. Sweetgrass smudging helps cleanse negative energy and is burned with the intention to bring good things and help the client experience a positive way of life.

This beautiful ceremony helps visitors reconnect with the inner self and works to keep the sacred wisdom of the Native American culture alive. The treatment is 60 minutes and costs $205.

Enchantment Resort is sitting in the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona's Boynton Canyon, about two hours north of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The treatments at Mii amo are available a la carte to guests of Enchantment or Mii amo offers “Journeys” available in 3-, 4- and 7-night programs.

When You Go to Mii amo Spa

Mii amo a destination spa at Enchantment Resort
525 Boynton Canyon Road
Sedona, AZ 86336

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