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Hands On Art in Door County, Wisconsin

I love Door County, Wisconsin. Everything about it. The water. The people. The breezes blowing off the lake. The abundance of arts and theater. The galleries. One of my favorite things on the peninsula is Hands On Art Studio in Fish Creek. I was there last week and fell in love with the place. Every city should have one of these.

Even driving up to the building is fun. Quirky artwork lines the walkways and people are really laughing and having a great time. And, as the name implies, it's all about hands-on art. You can make something all by yourself or with help from one of the staff. You can create in wood, metal, glass. Paint on wood, t-shirts, hats. Create mosaics. Fuse glass. Weld decorative metal objects. The choice really is up to you. 

I decided on glass fusing. I love glass. The fluidity of it. The way you can bend it and mold it and create something that's almost alive from something that's solid. I had a blast. I learned to use the torch to heat up the glass rods so I could make zig-zag shapes. I learned to cut glass in shapes to create my art project. 

Hands On Art Studio

Inside the Hands On Art Studio

Most of the projects you create at Hands On Art Studio are ready the next day. I had to leave, so I'm anxiously watching the mail for the arrival of my creation. I felt like a child back in art class, creating this piece of art that is probably nothing anyone would like, except for my mom who'll ooohhhh and aaahhhh over it. But it was so much fun. 

After I finished making my lovely glass creation and my fellow artists-in-the-making completed their mosaics and their own glass-fused projects, we decided to have lunch at the Marketplace on site. It turned out to be another great treat. After creating our own art, we had a chance to create our own lunch. At the unique build-your-own-lunch counter, I created a lovely pizza with just the right amount and types of fixings I wanted. Sitting on the patio afterwards, eating my lunch creation and watching children of all ages laughing and enjoying art was a treasure. It was definitely one of those rare moments when you know the world could use a lot more art. 

Explore Hands On Art Studio and Marketplace on this great YouTube preview.

Hands On Art Studio and Marketplace is open year-round. From May through October, they're open 10 am to 6 pm daily. From November through April, you'll be able to inspire your inner artist from 10 am to 5 pm Thursday through Monday. Be sure to look for special events, like the Rock and Roll Art Nights and the Friday evening Adult Nights (6:30 to 10 pm all year long). The studio fee is $7 per person plus the cost of your project, which is usually ready for pick u the next day. 

Whether you prefer to hang out in the pottery barn, try your hand at glass fusing, give the welding barn a shot or just pet the llamas in the back pen, you'll have an unforgettable experience at Hands On Art Studio & Marketplace. Check them out at 3655 Peninsula Players Road in Fish Creek, Wisconsin or online at www.handsonartstudio.com. Remember to take a quick preview tour on YouTube.
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