Healdsburg, California is in the heart of Sonoma wine country. Sitting in the heart of Healdsburg, you'll find Costeaux French Bakery & Cafe, a fabulous little cafe that makes a trip to Sonoma worth it.

Costeaux French Bakery & Cafe was established in 1923. It's known for the fabulous sourdough breads and desserts. The cafe also serves up an incredible lunch. Before I went, everyone in town told me to try the onion soup. Now I know why. It was, quite simply, the best onion soup I've ever eaten. I also tried the Costeaux Fromage Board, featuring an assortment of French cheeses and a sampling of the Costeaux artisan breads.

The crowning glory of Costeaux's offerings, however, is the dessert menu. I've not seen such an array of desserts in a long time. I tried a little of several different desserts, but I fell in love with the Princess Cake, one of the cafe's specialties. (It's the beautiful one with the green marzipan in the photo below.)

Costeaux French Bakery signature desserts

Costeaux French Bakery signature desserts. Photo courtesy Costeaux French Bakery

The Princess Cake is moist white chiffon cake filled with Bavarian custard, raspberry conserve and whipped cream, all enrobed in marzipan. It is the most heavenly dessert I've ever tasted. Anywhere. If I could figure out a way, I'd have a Princess Cake delivered regularly. I have told people that I'll go back to Healdsburg just for the Princess Cake.

If you're in Sonoma Valley, be sure to go through Healdsburg and find Costeaux French Bakery & Cafe. It's in the center of town at 417 Healdsburg Avenue. Check out their website at www.costeaux.com.

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