Strait Thunder 2004 Race in Port Angeles, WA

Strait Thunder 2004 Race in Port Angeles, WA. Red boat is UL-72 Graham Trucking presents Victoria Express. George Woods, Jr., driver. Yellow-Red-Black boat is UL-17 Ted's Red Apple Market, Rick Bridgeman, driver. Photo credit: Tim Crowley

Got a need for speed? Want competition? Are you an adrenaline junky who wants to fly at warp speed over the water just for the thrill of it? If so, you won't find a better sport than boat racing. Inboard racing. Outboard racing. Offshore racing. Outboard drag racing. Inboard Endurance racing. While many of us simply think boat racing, for the pros that spend their lives on the racing circuit, each one of these categories is a world unto itself. But all offer power, speed, adrenaline rushes and competition.

Click here to open the PDF and read the complete article that appeared in the April 2008 issue of View Highlife magazine.

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