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Randy Johnson

There's no way you could not notice Randy Johnson. At nearly seven feet tall, the former Major League Baseball star is a force to be reckoned with—on the field and off—which earned him the nickname "The Big Unit" in the initial days of his career.

Sean McLaughlin: Living the good life in Arizona

If you've been in Phoenix for any length of time, you might feel as if you known Sean McLaughlin (pronounced Seen). the one-time weekend weather anchor for KPNX Channel 12 is now the weeknight male news anchor for KPHO Channel 5. His face—and his voice—are familiar. Most Phoenix residents have listened to him as he discusses monsoon storms and haboobs as you prepare your evening meal. today, he's one of Arizona's most popular news personalities, and people feel a kinship due to all of those evenings when he's been a fixture in the family room.

Justin Trevor Winters: Hollywood writer and rejection expert extraordinaire

Justin Trevor Winters is a really funny man. The Hollywood storyteller—known in the industry for his dramedy, and by his wife as an "expert bullshitter"—had dreams of starring on the silver screen. "But I quickly learned I was maybe the world's worst actor," explains Winters over a late night Sazerac. That realization led him to screenwriting. today, the writer continues his love-hate relationship with words from both Los Angeles and Phoenix.

April Salomon: The new executive director grows up with the MIM

The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) opened to the public in April 2010. During its first five years, the MIM ( has become a world-class museum offering a musical immersion to visitors through its collection of 15,000 instruments from around the world. The new executive director, April Salomon, says becoming a world-class facility has always bene the intent—and she would know. Hired as the executive assistant to the first president in 2007, she has been involved with the museum from its earliest days, and in many different roles.

Colleen’s Dream Foundation: Nicole and Billy Cundiff take making a difference personally

Nicole and Billy Cundiff had, for the most part, a sort of charmed life. He with an HFL career and she as a lawyer, following in her father's footsteps. Life changed dramatically in September 2007 when Nicole's mother, Colleen Drury, was diagnosed with Stage 3C ovarian cancer. That terminal diagnosis, which ended in Drury's death in February 2013, would have left some people broken. Not the Cundiffs. Instead, it motivated them to share Drury's passion for life, to make the world aware of ovarian cancer, and to help find an early diagnosis screening test for the deadly disease by creating Colleen's Dream Foundation.