Eagle Creek Vagabond is exceptionally useable travel gear

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Vagabond Bag by Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek Vagabond is exceptionally useable travel gear

Vagabond Bag by Eagle Creek

Vagabond Bag by Eagle Creek. Photo courtesy Eagle Creek

I traveled to New Mexico with my Eagle Creek Vagabond bag and really loved its versatility, design, and comfort. This day bag turned out to be one of my favorite accessories.

The Vagabond has padded compartments at the back for all my electronic gadgets – phone, iPod, digital camera. There is even an audio port so I could listen to my iPod at the airport without having to take the unit out of the bag. There are two other compartments inside that area, one zippered mesh for money, receipts, and small personal items. The best part about this large back compartment is that it features Smart Travel Security™ with the Secure Zip™ toggle closure to help prevent theft. There is also another small zippered pouch on the outside rear of the bag.

The front has a vertical zippered compartment that I used for a small wallet and my passport. The larger front zippered compartment includes a waterproof mesh pocket and a slip pocket. I even had room for my paperback novel.

The large central compartment isn’t so large as to feel bulky, but large enough to hold everything I needed. It can fit a 12″ laptop, but I used it during travel to hold my chargers, that quart-size bag of liquids, a magazine, and my makeup. There’s a small zippered pocket that held my lip gloss and a couple of bucks easily at hand to use for tips.

The most fun compartments are on the sides. One is for a cell phone (which I didn’t use because I preferred the inside compartment for mine) and the other unzips to reveal a pocket that tucks into the bag’s main compartment. I used it as a great protected spot for my sunglasses, but it’s designed to hold a small water bottle.

Once I arrived at my hotel, I removed the cosmetics and toiletries from the center and used the bag for items I needed for a day of taking in the sights.

With the long, padded strap, I could easily put it across my body and I traveled in ease and comfort. Made from ripstop material, I know it will stand up over time, despite how often I travel and abuse my bags.

The overall bag measures 11″ x 12″ x 3″ and weighs just over 20 oz. The MSRP is a reasonable $65, which I think is a great deal given the versatility and sustainability of the bag.

For more info: Eagle Creek.

Note:  We gave away one free Eagle Creek Vagabond bag during the month of July. The contest ended at 11:59 MST on July 25, 2010. The lucky winner was Sharon Drechsler of http://socialmediaservicing.com.

Even though the contest is over, we’d still love to hear about your favorite thing to pack in your bag when you travel.

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  1. Deena Remiel
    Deena RemielJul 02, 2010

    What a great blog you’ve got going here, Susan. I’ll be returning. Congrats! My favorite thing to pack in my bag is my camera. When I get home, the photos go right into a scrapbook, complete with journaling.

  2. Debbra Brouillette
    Debbra BrouilletteJul 02, 2010

    My favorite thing to pack is my camera! I would not enjoy my trip without being able to take lots of photos…

    (The link for complete rules is not working… FYI.)

  3. Sharon Drechsler
    Sharon DrechslerJul 02, 2010

    I would totally love this bag…it is everything I need except (!!) I must have rollers. Plus, it would be nice to have it in a colorful print, but not necessary.

  4. Gail Hunter
    Gail HunterJul 02, 2010

    Aside from glasses, camera, and toothbrush, I guess my favorite take-along is my computer-can’t leave home without it!

    Enjoying your articles, and will link to your blog. My blog (I have two but they’re just senior oriented) is not necessarily travel. i do have a travel website. I’m about to take out all the preliminary pages and make it leaner.

    I think I’ll turn that into a blog (cheaper too!) It’s http://www.gypsyfeet.net.

  5. Michele Peterson
    Michele PetersonJul 02, 2010

    When packing for travel I have to squeeze in a netbook, reading materials, a container for water, all the electrical cords that go with the laptop, a Nikon and 3 lenses plus umbrella and some pills. I also carry a purse. No wonder my family calls be the “bag lady” – perhaps this bag would work as a substitute for two of the bags.

  6. denaO
    denaOJul 03, 2010

    Oh fun! to be reminded of the AZ cowboy Rawhide Steakhouse and the delight of the wild west show with shoot ’em up antics. Thanks for sharing this memory!!

  7. Debi
    DebiJul 03, 2010

    When staying at a vacation rental condo/home, my favorite thing to pack is a Wonder Vase. It takes virtually no space in my bag and allows me to enjoy the beauty of a fresh flower bouquet at our home away from home.

  8. Vera Marie Badertscher
    Vera Marie BadertscherJul 12, 2010

    Hopelessly practical, I stick a washcloth in a small ziplock bag so I can freshen up on the plane, and then have a washcloth in those countries where it is against their religion to use anything smaller than a hand towel in the bathroom. And I NEED this bag for my trip to Paris next September. Thank you.
    P.S. LOVE this website!

  9. Margo
    MargoJul 12, 2010

    My day planner–I’d be lost without it!

  10. Kim
    KimJul 13, 2010

    I always pack snacks. You never know when your next meal is when your traveling, unless you’ve got it in your bag!

  11. Madeline
    MadelineJul 24, 2010

    Okay! I LOVE this bag! Would be perfect for my upcoming trip to OREGON.My favorite thing to pack?? My TAROT CARDS!! Specifically, my OSHO ZEN deck and a small book that goes with them.Perfect for doing readings for friends AND myself and for studying spirit, when stuck in airports for too long a time.. I carry them in a blue velvet pouch with a drawstring…



  12. Denise Dube
    Denise DubeJul 24, 2010

    Gorgeous bag. I must must must pack a deliciously easy-to-read book, one that will take, oh, about six hours to read. There’s nothing better than devouring an entire book and then leaving it on the plane — leaving more room in the bag for a little something to take home.

  13. Pegster
    PegsterJul 25, 2010

    Your travel information is invaluable, Susan. Thanks for starting this blog where you share information that will make my trips even more fun to plan. This bag looks amazing and would keep me organized as I fly around the world exploring new places. I was surprised to realize that my favorite travel accessory is an old pink comb I have had for years. I forgot it on a trip and went into a depression wondering how I could possibly do my hair without it. Crazy, I know, buy it made me realize that this cheap, old comb is one of my very favorite possessions!

  14. Stacey Bowers
    Stacey BowersJul 25, 2010

    My must pack item is my journal so I can write about the places I go and the people who I share my travels with.

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